Friday, June 26, 2009

Joining The Pin Dudeist Order

Pin Dudeist Monk...pre da-pin...

"So how do I join the Pin Dudeist Order, man?" may wonder...or not...whatever...

First...get yourself ordained as a Dudeist Priest (click Dudeism link in sidebar). Then...

Method 1. Assume the "Un-Occupied, Un-Employed" (see sidebar) posture for ten minutes in a public place, then tell somebody what happened. (Recommended. This can also make you an evangelical Dudeist, so be careful.)

Method 2. While actively disregarding Method 1....pour and sip a white Russian...abide...

Method 3. While actively disregarding Method 1. and Method 2....just abide...

Or...pause...then... mutter intensly to yourself... "You can't tell me to abide as a condition of joining some fucking Order, you fuck...abiding is just can't turn it on and off like a fucking blender!..."

Welcome to The Pin Dudeist may proceed to the gardens (see below).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Standing da-pin

Zen Buddhists sit zazen. Pin Dudeists stand da-pin.

What is standing da-pin, you may ask. Da-pin is the position you are in...when the moment the ball has been released. If you freeze in this position after releasing the ball, you are standing da-pin.

Contemporary da-pin master

Standing da-pin for any length of time can get tedious, man, and result in cramping...but a true Pin Duder can hold the position for a long time...which may result in pintori or, better yet, the elusive STRIKE! (see "What Is Pin Dudeism" post below) Groups of Pin Dudeists standing da-pin attract considerable attention down at the local sports center...

Da-pin instruction

Pin Dudeist Master Obama about to stand da-pin...

Early Pin Dudeist nun practicing da-pin

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What is Pin Dudeism?


Pin Dudeism is to Dudeism (The Church Of The Latter-Day Dude...see link below) as Zen Buddhism is to Buddhism.

The "Pin" in Pin Dudeism is a bowling pin, of course, which according to Pin Dudeists, points to the true nature of reality, and the repeated meditation upon which can result in a STRIKE!...Pintori...Enlightenment...

Like Zen, Pin Dudeism provides the seeker with koan-like riddles known as Gutters, which seem to lead away from the STRIKE but, paradoxically, are the most direct way to realization.


A few Gutters for your amusement...

"You and the ball are not do you roll?"

"How do you not release the ball just before it touches the wood?"

"When does bowling occur?"

"Bowling is to Zen as Pool is to Advita?"

"Are you not the sound of the strike?


For please click HERE.

"Bowling needs a blend of skill, focus, cool and absolute passion and conviction.

With bowling, as with all highly skilled sports, the more you play the better you get, but…attitude and focus are what separate the merely good from the master bowlers.

The ability to block out distractions and exist only in the now is crucial to any sports performance especially when accuracy and keeping nerve are vital.

Don't get distracted by imagined outcome - be the process

You may find sometimes you lose your cool when bowling or get caught up in the outcome rather than process.

Outcome is all about how things will be - whether you lose or win, how you seem to others, or whether you're going to get your best score. Process is about losing all that and becoming totally absorbed in the reality of the immediate moment. Bowling is all about process and flow. Outcome comes later when you enjoy the winning.

The Zen archers of ancient Japan felt no disconnection between themselves, their arrow and their target. So missing felt impossible, as how can an arrow which is also a target miss itself? Look at things this'll begin to feel as physical connection with the pins."